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These are the times that you and your children will always cherish and, with the help of Starshine, you will never forget. Once again, it’s time to select a school photographer. We pride ourselves on getting natural smiles from the children, after all, what good is a child's portrait if they have a fake or forced smile? We also have some great packages to offer. Some special features include a complimentary photo package for every teacher and preschool children can have their portraits done on the same day as students, either alone or with siblings.

Elementary School

At Starshine, we process and print all of our packages “ in house” which allows us to insure that you get the best quality at the best price. We NEVER charge a set up or sitting fee. Our commitment to quality and service will provide you with the finest photographs possible. Unlike some large photo companies who may use a junior or trainee photographer, your photographer from Starshine Photographics is a trained and courteous professional.

We offer the school the choice of proofs or a pre-pay package program. Below are our most popular packages. The prices may vary depending on your school’s special needs, such as ID photos, CD’s of the photos, etc...

School Photographer Norwich

The teacher of each class will receive a complimentary package including a 5x7 class photo.

Preschool children can also be photographed on picture day.

Picture day notices are supplied by Starshine Photographics.

Family plan: Only the first two students pay; others receive a package of equal value free.

School commission can be added at the school’s discretion. (Commonly $1.00 to $5.00 per package).

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

With all of the above services available to you, an unconditional guarantee and a reputation built with over 20 years of service, we feel that you should start getting the quality you deserve and the service you can depend on!

Please allow me to give a presentation to your P.T.O. or photo committee. Thank you.

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